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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other government agencies have started to vigorously pursue cases in which an owner or supervisor is suspected of cutting corners and putting workers' lives at risk. As seen in the Harco case, New York courts have responded to construction site issues by using the state's existing general criminal laws to hold owners/employers responsible. Many companies have very detailed procedures and policies for what happens when there is an accident, including who should talk to OSHA, the Department of Buildings, the press or the insurance company, but surprisingly, the procedures for avoiding accidents are not always robust or if they are, construction the manuals and protocols are not routinely followed. Employees at all levels at individual companies need to be supportive, take active steps and set examples for following safety procedures by doing the following: Confirmation of acknowledgement and review of procedures should be reinforced on a recurring basis. Policies of zero tolerance concerning drug or alcohol use. Policies of zero tolerance lack of training or improper payments to government officials must be enforced on a company-wide basis. While contractors should avoid any discriminatory practices, it is important that the workers on site understand and speak English to ensure that all workers are able to effectively communicate with one another. There should be an environment of safety goals and even a system of awards within the company for safe, accident free sites. Those who enforce the procedures or call out violations should be rewarded and protected, rather than punished. At the national level, OSHA enforcement must be an effective deterrent to unsafe conditions, which requires more inspectors, improved staff training and hiring staff who can speak different languages.

But heres the kicker: both parents listed on the proof of citizenship must be present at the passport acceptance office. If that cant happen, then visit for more information. Once all the paperwork is accepted, plan for six to eight weeks before getting the passport; two to three weeks if you choose to have it expedited for an additional fee. When applying for a passport for children, both parents listed on the proof of citizenship must be present at the passport office. Since we plan to do some more international travel in the next few years, we chose to also get enrolled in the Global Entry program, which allows expedited clearance for pre-approved travelers upon arrival into the United States. After an interview at the US Customs and Border Protection office, located in Terminal D at DFW Airport, we were cleared for Global Entry status, which also includes TSA Pre-Check expedited screening at all TSA security checkpoints. The cost for Global Entry is $100 and can be renewed every five years. If youve ever flown internationally through DFW Airport, youve probably experienced the long lines in the gargantuan customs area that await you when you return. With Global Entry, we not only zipped through a special lane with an automated security kiosk, but theres also an expedited second lane after you get your baggage. The benefit was well worth the money, especially when travelling with tired kids.

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